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Electronic Press kit Word on the Street

Tee em el 

SA, UK & USA Release Date: 2020 .
Starring: Pereko Mosia & Mirriam Mosia-Directed By: Katleho / Pereko Mosia
Synopsis: Ordinary man asking GOD to protect him & his household from the
spirit of darkness. God heard his prayer, then Spiritual fire from heaven came
down and cover his house. Produced by Pereko Mosia, Directed by Katleho Mosia

Links for availability. &

Hard to do Good 


SA, UK & USA Release Date: 2021 . Starring: Sipho Radebe & Thabo Mokwena

Directed By: Katleho & Pereko Mosia

Synopsis: A man heard the voice in the dream asking him that; why it’s so hard

to do good & easy to do bad things. The voice continued instructing the criminal

'Jozi Paki' to take the stolen money back to its owner.

Links for availability: www.pk65films .com

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